They are many in life and death

Soft and easy, silent and crazy

With tears in check, a dam threatening to break

A desperate hold, on a slipping rock


The reminiscent memories hard to fade

The lament of a phoenix , echoing the dead

A torrent gushing down, hot and thick

Time and fate playing a  trick


A burst of sunlight on the face

Nekhbet’s touch out of the maze

A lovely spring in the coming

Another chance to laugh and love its giving


nomad 436

Reflective poem

 Under the bombs of the day”


A safe place to be

Under the bombs of the day

My umbrella in the rain

My playground in the sun

A place so pure , so quiet

yet full of happiness , no quaint



Life maybe hard at times

The world may not be at my side

But i find my sanctuary calling

My name in the dark

A voice clear as thunder

Reaching for me as I sat under



A place so serene,where stories abound

A place in my theatre of dreams

Where worlds collide , and time stops

Bringing about an aura of blinding happiness,

Unbound joy , and immense glee

A safe place to be under the bombs of the day

A just beginning ..

“Sojourn in Dreams”

Under the shadow of a birch tree
by the lakeside on a lazy afternoon
with a book in hand , a thought in mind
Alone I sat, a solitary swallow in the sun….

High above the whites abound, the blues in their wake
The golden scattered all around
With a smile on my lips , I know
the autumn is here to start anew…..

I close my eyes to see with my heart ,
The afternoon breeze whispering in my ears
A few words of wisdom.
The silence of the woods, the stillness of the waters,
sparks in me an understanding so serene, so pure….

Alas, its time already
The sun is fading away
I stand up , retracing my steps
back to my world, with a promise
of being back tomorrow, and again …..



Nomad 436